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I would like to cancel my free trial

how to cancel tradingview subscription

Subscriptions that were purchased through the mobile apps can not be managed on the website. Highly likely you’ve already read our Policy and you know how it works, but all sorts of things might happen in life. We always try to deliver the best service possible, and exceptions can be made at times.

how to cancel tradingview subscription

Managing these subscriptions is only possible in the store of the respective platform. During this time, you can stop the deletion process at any time and continue using TradingView. You can renew the subscription at any time before its automatic renewal or purchase a different plan, then the automatic renewal will be enabled automatically. The trial period can be taken only once, therefore if after canceling the trial period you decide to renew your subscription, the payment for it will be taken immediately. Go to your profile in the top right corner and select Account and Billing. Cancelling a subscription service that you no longer need just became so much easier.

How to cancel TradingView subscription in easy steps

Refunds for subscriptions purchased through mobile apps will be made in accordance with the terms of Google Play  or the App Store and only through the respective stores. Please keep in mind that according to our Terms of Use, some data, such as published ideas/scripts and messages sent to other users, will be saved as they have already integrated into our system. This data must be stored to maintain the integrity of the platform, as well as for legitimate business processes, including audits and security purposes. When your account is deleted, we ask search engines and other third-party apps to comply with GDPR and remove your data. For subscriptions activated via Google Play or App Store, it is possible only to cancel their auto-renewal.

how to cancel tradingview subscription

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